Curso de Business English (English Version)  Semipresencial en Aula Tutor

Curso de Business English (English Version) Semipresencial en Aula Tutor

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Curso de Business English (English Version)


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Masters y Cursos  Aula Tutor Curso de Business English (English Version) Masters y Cursos  Aula Tutor

• Centro de Formacion: Aula Tutor
• País: España
• Información Telefónica: 902 200 344
• Precio: Consultar
• Modalidad: Curso Semipresencial Curso Semipresencial
• Presencial: en Madrid, Barcelona y Valencia

Curso de Business English (English Version)

Curso de Bussines English (English Version)

Business English

In a plural and globalized world where the business are everyday more international, English is “The business language”, master it involves being able to dominate the international market.

Target group

It’s directed to businessmen, businesswomen and employees related to the international market or simply want to improve their skills to become more competent and to optimize their resources. We want to bring our students the most practical and useful communication tools they may need in their current or future job.


The training can be in our offices or in-company (we go to your company) and individually or in small group (4 people maximum). We offer flexitime in order to adapt to your availability.

Programme and method

Due time limitations we have nowadays, which means the need to optimize our time, our programme is adapted to your needs, giving top priority to the things you really need instead of following a non-flexible programme that it’s based on topics you already manage or that are not so important in your routine.

So, our programmes are based on:

- Are customized to your needs.

- Approached to your professional environment.

- We especially prepare the material for your training.

We use a practical training method, because we know that the best way to learn speaking skills is by speaking, using different resources and procedures to make your learning more dynamic and effective.

We motivate the natural learning working on the motivation and the practice combined with a dynamic and enthusiastic guidance.

We also propose a “just in English, interaction” helping to internalize the language and to think and talk in English.

Our method gives priority to the speaking and listening skills, working the grammar, the written comprehension and expression with a practical and communicative approach.

Likewise, we strongly believe in continuous evaluation to adapt the process to your learning rhythm and needs, redirecting the process when necessary.

Basic knowledge of the language is needed in order to develop the basic competences and from there, work on the improvement and the interiorization.

If you already have a good level and you want to become more fluent we offer conversation classes, working useful subjects for your environment and highlighting the specific vocabulary used in your professional sector.

Topics and materials

Our materials are made by specialized teachers that work on your training, taking care of your real needs.

Kind of materials:

- Text.

- Listening.

- Conversation guides.

- Glossary.

- Dynamics.

- Role-plays.

We also offer customized courses working topics such as:

- Telephone conversations.

- Negotiations.

- Meetings and demonstrations.

- International relations.

- Formal letters and e-mail.

- Account and finances.


Once we have analyzed your needs and aims, our consultant department will prepare a customized budget.

Your success is our success

Contact us to let us know about your personal case, your needs and your availability and working on this, we prepare objectives and materials to guarantee your success

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